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1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 5 (USA)

Blossom related the growing-up misadventures of the eponymous teenage girl in an all-male – and totally dysfunctional – household (she lived with her divorced father, Nick, a studio musician, and her two brothers)

The series tackled issues – sex, drugs and first periods – with alacrity, even simultaneously. One classic episode found Blossom’s ambulance-driving, substance-abusing brother Anthony waking up after a drinking spree in Las Vegas to find himself married to a black girl he had no recollection of ever having met.

Blossom’s best friend, a kooky and quirky girl named Six LeMuere, was played by Jenna Von Oy. For the show’s second season, a new regular character, Grandpa Russo (Barnard Hughes) joined the series.

The most popular character on the show was, without question, Blossom’s brother Joey, and actor Joey Lawrence became a teen idol to millions of adoring young female fans, undoubtedly keeping the series on the air for longer than had he not been in it.

Guest celebrities included sitcom legends Estelle Getty (The Golden Girls), Rhea Perlman (Cheers), ALF (er . . . ALF) and musicians Little Richard and Sonny Bono. These celebrities usually appeared in Blossom’s fantasies to proffer comedic advice to her current problem(s).

Show directors included Bill Bixby, better known for his on-camera appearances as The Incredible Hulk and The Magician.

A two-hour TV movie, Blossom In Paris, screened in 1993.

Blossom Russo
Mayim Bialik
Nick Russo
Ted Wass
Joseph Russo

Joey Lawrence
Anthony Russo

Michael Stoyanov

David Lascher
Six LeMeure

Jenna Van Oy