TV Shows – 1990s

Big Breakfast, The

1 9 9 2 – 2 0 0 2 (UK) Departing from the established news and magazine-based format of other breakfast TV shows, The Big Breakfast placed the emphasis on fun from the start, every weekday between 7.00 and 9.00 AM. Its all-action combination of competitions, interviews, film reviews and music videos was designed to appeal to the(…)

Big Gig, The

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 2 (Australia) 66 x 60 minute episodes In the late 80s, Australian comedian Wendy Harmer (pictured) brought back from England an idea for a television show which would be a mixture of comedy and bands – like the British show Friday Live – albeit with a very unique Australian(…)

Big Train

1 9 9 8 (UK) 2 0 0 2 (UK) Whilst Britain was mesmerised by The Fast Show, a vastly superior sketch show appeared on BBC2. Big Train was in the Monty Python mold, featuring sketches that started out as one thing before turning into something else, such as ‘Alfred Hitchcock’s The Working Class‘; a Saint style fight breaking out at a posh dinner(…)

Biker Mice from Mars

1 9 9 3 – 1 9 9 6 (USA/Canada) 65 x 30 minute episodes When three alien motorcycle riding mice – Throttle, Modo and Vinnie – are forced to leave their home planet of Mars thanks to the evil mining Plutarkians, they end up crash-landing on Earth in the city of Chicago. Throttle Rob Paulsen(…)

Bill Collins’ Golden Years Of Hollywood

1 9 6 6 – 1 9 9 5 (Australia) Bill Collins has been described as “Mr. Movies of Australia”. He has presented films on television and on video since 1963 and has come to seem like a trusted and enthusiastic guarantor of whatever film he happens to be presenting. As a high school English(…)

Bill, The

1 9 8 4 – 2 0 1 0 (UK) The Bill was created from a one-off drama called Woodentop (a CID nickname for officers in uniform) in the 1983 Storyboard season and began life as a one-hour weekly series. In its fourth year it changed to two half hour shows per week and went from strength to strength, and in(…)

Birds of a Feather

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 4 (UK) 1 9 9 7 – 1 9 9 8 (UK) 102 x 30 minute episodes Sharon (Pauline Quirke) and Tracey (Linda Robson) were adopted sisters. Tracey had clearly done better for herself than Sharon, and had a £750,000 neo-Georgian home called ‘Dalentrace’ in Bryan Close, in the(…)

Blankety Blank

Blankety Blank

1 9 7 9 – 1 9 9 0 (UK) 1 9 9 7 – 2 0 0 2 (UK) The BBC was embarrassed by Blankety Blank – the British version of The Match Game – which was loved by 20 million viewers but was not the BBC’s sort of thing. The Annual Report graciously accepted that it was “harmless fun handled(…)

Blind Date

1 9 8 5 – 2 0 0 3 (UK) Cilla Black presented a “lorra lorra laughs” on Blind Date – a show that owed much of its success to the fact that Cilla never sang on it. With a format based on the original US show The Dating Game, three unseen contestants delivered rehearsed answers to three scripted(…)


1 9 8 3 – 1 9 9 5 (UK) Blockbusters was a very basic quiz game – hosted by Bob Holness – which consisted of three players, two on one team and one on the other. All the contestants were 16-18 year old students, so bad haircuts, snotty toffs, bad jumpers, bad jokes and fluffy(…)


1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 5 (USA) Blossom related the growing-up misadventures of the eponymous teenage girl in an all-male – and totally dysfunctional – household (she lived with her divorced father, Nick, a studio musician, and her two brothers) The series tackled issues – sex, drugs and first periods – with alacrity, even(…)

Blue Heelers

1 9 9 4 – 2 0 0 6 (Australia) 510 x 60 minute episodes Created by Tony Morphett and Hal McElroy, Blue Heelers was the most successful Aussie cop show of the modern television era. Set in the fictional semi rural country town of Mount Thomas, and starring John Wood and Martin Sacks, its alumni include(…)

Blue Peter

1 9 5 8 – Current (UK) On 16 October 1958, a former beauty queen and a former Army officer sat down to introduce the first edition of a programme that for over 40 years has been compulsive viewing for any child wanting to learn about life in other countries, about caring for pets or how(…)

Bold and The Beautiful, The

1 9 8 7 – Current (USA) The Bold and The Beautiful is one of American television’s most popular soap operas of all time. Using the glamorous fashion industry as its background, the show centres on two very different families, both of whom have garment businesses – the upscale Forresters and the less sophisticated Spectras, who are(…)


1 9 8 6 – 1 9 9 2 (UK) Ken Boon (slow-smiling Michael Elphick) was a fireman who was invalided out of the brigade when he damaged his lungs in a heroic rescue. After a succession of failed money-making schemes – including a disastrous market gardening venture – he placed an advert in the local(…)

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