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Extracts from the Britanis Log (1974)

Voyage No. 17 Southbound
May – June 1974

Captain G Nicolaou, Master

Rotterdam to Bremerhaven  205 miles – Bremerhaven to Southampton  415 miles
Southampton to Las Palmas  1,520 miles – Las Palmas to Cape Town  4,425 miles
Cape Town to Fremantle  4,560 miles – Fremantle to Adelaide  1,340 miles
Adelaide to Melbourne  440 miles – Melbourne to Sydney  520 miles


Date Air Temp Sea Temp Events
MAY 16 DEPART ROTTERDAM. Bingo, Disco, 20 Questions, Classical Music Corner, Dancing and Cinema
MAY 17 ARRIVE BREMERHAVEN, DEPART BREMERHAVEN. Musical Requests, Party Games, Classical Music Corner, Dancing and Cinema
MAY 19 DEPART SOUTHAMPTON, Taped Music, Disco, Snowball Bingo, Dancing and Musical Requests
MAY 20 65 54 Smooth seas, clear. Disco, ‘Know Your Ship’, Snowball Bingo, Talent Quest, Dancing and Cinema
MAY 21 67 60 Rough seas, clear. Emergency Drill, Welcome Cocktail Parties and Dinners, Modern and Old Tyme Dancing, Welcome Cabaret, Guess the Tune, 20 Questions, Classical Music Corner and Cinema
MAY 22 71 60 Moderate seas, clear. Travelling Alone Cocktail Party, Musical Requests, Snowball Bingo, Disco, Classical Music Corner, Ladies Night and Cinema
MAY 23 ARRIVE LAS PALMAS, DEPART LAS PALMAS. Guess the Tune, Disco, Snowball Bingo, International Sing Along, Ballroom Dancing and Cinema
MAY 24 71 65 Moderate seas, cloudy. Music to Relax By, Snowball Bingo, Disco, Discussion Time, Dancing and Cinema
MAY 25 76 75 Smooth seas, clear. Disco, Modern and Old Tyme Dancing, ‘Hey, Hey USA’ Startime, 20 Questions, Late Night Melodies, Classical Music Corner, Dancing and Cinema
MAY 26 85 86 Smooth seas, clear. Musical Requests, Snowball Bingo, International Quiz, Greek Pot Pourri, Old Tyme Dancing and Cinema
MAY 27 85 84 Slight seas, clear. Crossing the Line Ceremony, Neptune Buffet Magnifique, Disco, Guess the Tune, Late Night Melodies, Dancing and Cinema
MAY 28 81 83 Moderate seas, cloudy. Music To Relax By, Classical Music Corner, International Quiz, Ballroom Dancing, Any Questions and Cinema
MAY 29 77 78 Moderate seas, clear. Disco, ‘London’ Startime, Guess The Tune, 20 Questions, Dancing and Cinema
MAY 30 72 73 Moderate seas, clear. Masonic Social, Snowball Bingo, Classical Music Corner, The Infinite Hammond, Lovely Legs and Knobbly Knees Competition, Dancing and Cinema
MAY 31 67 67 Moderate seas, cloudy. Disco, Music To Relax By, Snowball Bingo, Grand Fancy Dress Parade and Ball and Cinema
JUN 1 63 63 Rough seas, clear, ARRIVE CAPE TOWN
JUN 2 DEPART CAPE TOWN. The Magic Of Voices, Snowball Bingo, Disco, Classical Music Corner, Dancing and Cinema
JUN 3 68 70 Moderate seas, very cloudy. Mid-Voyage Cocktail Parties and Dinners, Modern and Old Tyme Dancing, Hellenic Night, 20 Questions, Guess The Tune and Cinema
JUN 4 70 66 Moderate seas, clear. Grandmother’s Get-Together, Musical Requests, International Quiz, Music To Relax By, White Elephant Auction, Dancing and Cinema
JUN 5 67 61 Slight seas, cloudy. Children’s Fancy Dress Parade, Comedy Tape, Snowball Bingo, International Quiz, Limbo Contest, Dancing & Cinema
JUN 6 60 64 Rough seas, very cloudy. Disco, “Latin Fiesta” Startime, 20 Questions, Guess the Tune, Classical Music Corner, Dancing and Cinema
JUN 7 75 61 Moderate seas, cloudy. Musical Requests, Disco, Cook’s Cocktail Party, Australian Express Cocktail Party, International Quiz, Vice Versa Dance and Cinema
JUN 8 58 59 Rough seas, cloudy. Children’s Concert, Music to Relax By, Snowball Bingo, The Magic of Sound, Discussion Time, Folk Festival and Cinema
JUN 9 Snowball Bingo, Disco, Melodrama, Any Questions, Dancing and Cinema
JUN 10 Arts & Crafts Exhibition, Snowball Bingo, Farewell Cocktail Parties & Dinners, ‘Be A Clown’ Startime, Olde Tyme Music Hall, Dancing & Cinema
JUN 11 Helper’s Party, Snowball Bingo, Disco, Magic of Voices, Greek Pot Pourri, Dancing and Cinema

Captain’s Farewell Dinner
Monday 10th June, 1974

Fermiere Cream Soup
                Ambassadeur Hot Consomme
           Royal Lobster Thermidor
                           English Style Tenderloin of Beef
       Windsor Potatoes
                        Evesham Asparagus Tips
                 Lima Beans Saute
                                   Lettuce and Tomato Salad

                   Dressing Special
                              Ice Cream Olympic Flame
         New Harvest Fruit
National Coffee
English Tea and Milk
                  Red Australian Wine                             

Chef: C Aronis                    Chief Steward: A Kalaitzakis