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20 Million Miles To Earth (1957)

A spaceship returning from the first manned space flight to Venus crashes near Sicily, releasing a fast-growing reptilian beast that rampages through Rome in one of animation master Ray Harryhausen’s best fantasy films, and his own personal favourite.

The snake-tailed giant Ymir monster is also one of Harryhausen’s finest creations: it has a well-defined personality and manages to evoke sympathy for its bewildered plight.

20millionmiles_002The Ymir’s fight with an elephant and the Roman locations – especially the climactic Colosseum battle – add unique touches to this minor classic.

William Hopper
Joan Taylor
Dr Leonardo
Frank Puglia
Dr Judson Uhl
John Zaremba
General AD McIntosh
Thomas Browne Henry
Police commissioner
Tito Vuolo
Signore Contino
Jan Arvan
Arthur Space
Bart Bradley

Nathan Juran