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Abbott and Costello In The Foreign Legion (1950)

Between meeting Dracula and the Invisible Man, Abbott and Costello took time out to cavort on existing sets on Universal’s backlot, but they could well have done with some scriptwriting help. The duo were also beginning to show their age physically, and Lou, in particular, was starting to look a little grotesque.

They star as a pair of wrestling promoters who inadvertently get roped into signing up as fighters in the Foreign Legion. The title says it all, and it plays like a Bing-and-Bob reject, with Walter Slezak playing the nasty sergeant.

The target audience for this outing seems younger than usual, and small fry will certainly enjoy all those mirage gags. Adults might not be quite so undemanding.

Bud Abbott
Lou Hotchkiss
Lou Costello
Patricia Medina
Walter Slezak
Leon Belasco
Marc Lawrence
BenTor Johnson

Charles Lamont