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Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1952)

Robert Louis Stevenson probably spun wildly in his grave over this production as Bud and Lou (as 18th Century American detectives) chase down the monster that has been terrorising Victorian London (played by Boris Karloff).

It sounds like the double date from hell, but this is one of Bud and Lou’s livelier outings.

The boys play a couple of sacked cops who hope to impress Inspector Reginald Denny by capturing the monster that is terrorising London. There are even a couple of laughs in the wax museum and rooftop chase scenes, although the romance between Helen Wescott and Craig Stevens slows things down a touch.

Boris Karloff juicily hams up the roles of the mad scientist and his alter ego, making Jekyll seem every bit as sinister as Hyde.

Bud Abbott
Lou Costello
Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde
Boris Karloff
Vicky Edwards
Helen Westcott
Bruce Adams
Craig Stevens
Reginald Denny

Charles Lamont