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Abbott and Costello Meet Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1952)

Robert Louis Stevenson probably spun wildly in his grave over this production as Slim (Bud Abbott) and Tubby (Lou Costello) – two American police officers training at Scotland Yard in Victorian England – chase down the monster that has been terrorising London.

It sounds like the double date from hell, but this is one of Bud and Lou’s livelier outings.

The boys get caught up in a mob brawl at a women’s suffrage gathering and lose their jobs. They figure the best way to impress the Inspector (Reginald Denny) and get their jobs back is by capturing the mysterious monster committing late-night murders on London’s fog-enshrouded streets.

Dr Jekyll (Boris Karloff) is conducting experiments on himself and transforms into an ape-like creature who kills those who oppose him. Jekyll also intends to kill the bumbling ex-bobbies and snooping reporter Bruce Adams (Craig Stevens) who has his eye on Vicky Edwards (Helen Wescott), a young lady with whom the mad doctor – her guardian – is obsessed.

Boris Karloff juicily hams up the roles of the mad scientist and his alter ego, making Jekyll seem every bit as sinister as Hyde, and a fairly thin plot is padded with a cavalcade of elaborate cartoon-style chases.

Bud Abbott
Lou Costello
Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde
Boris Karloff
Vicky Edwards
Helen Westcott
Bruce Adams
Craig Stevens
Reginald Denny

Charles Lamont