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Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man (1951)

When an innocent boxer (Arthur Franz) is set up and charged for killing his manager, he takes a serum to make himself invisible and escape the police.


A couple of bumbling private investigators (guess who!) step into the ring to try to add visibility to the situation.

There is a modicum of mystery beneath the thin layer of comedy, and the highlight is a boxing bout in which Bud gets an invisible hand to hold off the champ.

The film features convincing special effects by John Fulton, the camera ace who also did trick photography for the original Invisible Man.

Bud Alexander
Bud Abbott
Lou Francis
Lou Costello
Helen Gray
Nancy Guild
Tommy Nelson
Arthur Franz
Boots Marsden
Adele Jergens
Sheldon Leonard
Detective Roberts
William Frawley
Dr Philip Gray
Gavin Muir
Radio announcer
Sam Balter
Billy Wayne
Rocky Hanlon
John Day
Bobby Barber
Edward Gargan
Dr Turner
Paul Maxey
Herbert Vigran
Lou’s handler
Carl Sklover
George J Lewis
Rocky’s handler
Charles Perry

Charles Lamont