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Abbott and Costello Meet The Mummy (1955)

When Abbott and Costello – as two stranded Americans in modern-day Egypt – inadvertently become involved in a search for the Sacred Medallion of the Mummy of Klaris, they get involved with live crooks and a mummy returned from the dead.

The prized medallion directs the way to the Tomb of Princess Ara, which is loaded with a rich treasure of gold and jewels.

The comic duo team up with the life-like mummy (played by minor actor Eddie Parker) to search for Princess Ara’s tomb but find themselves heading for trouble when the mummy turns on them.

Abbott and Costello ended 15 years at Universal with this dismal low-budget attempt, having run through the rest of the studio’s horror gallery earlier.

At least veteran character actress Marie Windsor brings waspish authority to her role of the villainess, Madame Rontru, who is also seeking the medallion.



Bud Abbott
Lou Costello
Madame Rontru
Marie Windsor
Michael Ansara
Dan Seymour
Dr Zomer
Kurt Katch
Richard Karlan
Richard Deacon
Klaris, the mummy
Eddie Parker

Charles Lamont