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About Face (1952)

Biff Roberts (Eddie Bracken), Tony Williams (Gordon MacRae) and Dave Crouse (Dick Wesson) are just three months away from graduating as US Army officers from the Southern Military Institute (a fictional military school based on the real-life Virginia Military Institute).

Williams and Crose have girl problems while Roberts, the star pitcher on the school’s baseball team, has a different sort of problem – he is secretly married and his co-ed wife, Alice (Phyllis Kirk,) is expecting a child.

The other two now also have the problem of keeping Roberts in school long enough to graduate (the code of the academy says a cadet will be expelled for marrying) and, more importantly, pitch in the big baseball game of the year.

Based on the original Broadway play (and 1938 movie starring Ronald Reagan) Brother Rat, About Face is a fun little film, all wrapped around seven musical numbers.

Phyllis Kirk’s singing was dubbed by Bonnie Lou Williams.

Tony Williams
Gordon MacRae
Biff Roberts
Eddie Bracken
Dave Crouse
Dick Wesson
Alice Wheatley
Phyllis Kirk
Betty Long
Virginia Gibson
Lorna Carter
Aileen Stanley Jr
Joel Grey
Colonel Long
Larry Keating
Lt. Jones
Cliff Ferre
Hal Carlton
John Baer

Roy Del Ruth