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Albert, R.N. (1953)

The events presented in Albert R.N. are based on fact and took place in the prison camp, Marlag O for Naval Officers in North-West Germany during the spring of 1944.

The inmates of a German prisoner of war camp suspect they have an informant in their midst, foiling their escape plans. An officer who was an artist in his civilian life offers fresh hope, by creating a lifelike dummy – nicknamed ‘Albert’ – that can be used to cover the absence of an escapee during roll call.

Directed by Alfie director Lewis Gilbert and released in some markets as Break To Freedom. A fake POW camp was built on Headingley Heath for the film.

Lt. Geoffrey Ainsworth
Anthony Steel
Capt. Maddox
Jack Warner
Lt. Jim Reid
Robert Beatty
Lt. ‘Texas’ Norton
William Sylvester
Hauptmann Schultz
Anton Diffring
Lt. Commander Joe Brennan
Eddie Byrne
Capt. ‘Bongo’ Barton
Guy Middleton
Lt. Fred Erickson
Paul Carpenter
Lt. Henry ‘Hank’ Adams
Michael Balfour
Lt. Commander Henry Dawson
Moultrie Kelsall
Camp Kommandant
Frederick Valk
Frederick Schiller
Lt. ‘Schoolie’ Brown
Peter Jones
Lt. ‘Cutter’ Craig
Geoffrey Hibbert
Walter Gotell

Lewis Gilbert