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Alexander The Great (1956)

An epic account of the young prince whose military conquests unified the civilised world in the fourth century BC.

Alexander (Richard Burton), son of Philip of Macedonia (Frederic March), is brought up to believe that he is destined for greatness. But his powerful father becomes a major obstacle for a young prince who wants to conquer the world.

A blonde-wigged Burton makes a fair stab at depicting the conqueror of half the known world, even if he remains no match for March’s fiery bearded Philip of Macedonia, in this epic that promises more than it delivers.

The use of early CinemaScope is superb, as is the deployment of the armies of extras and the key scene of slicing the Gordian knot, but writer/director Robert Rossen’s long and static movie is wordy and ponderous, and there’s little for the classy female contingent of Claire Bloom and Danielle Darrieux to do but look on and yawn.

Richard Burton
Philip of Macedonia
Fredric March
Claire Bloom
Danielle Darrieux
Barry Jones
Harry Andrews
Stanley Baker
Peter Cushing
Michael Hordern

Robert Rossen