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Amazing Colossal Man, The (1957)

US Army Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Manning (Glenn Langan) is exposed to radiation after a plutonium bomb test and mutates into a giant – who grows ten feet taller per day.


He puts on his best nappy and goes on a rampage through cardboard miniatures on the way to Las Vegas, hunted down by his own men.

Meanwhile, realising that his heart will explode unless they halt the abnormal growth, doctors begin a desperate race to find an antidote.

Well-written, but the special effects are not always up to scratch – even by 1957 standards.

The colonel returned a year later (played by Dean Parkin) in the even worse War of the Colossal Beast.

Lt. Col. Glenn Manning
Glenn Langan
Carol Forrest
Cathy Downs
Dr Paul Lindstrom
William Hudson
Colonel Hallock
James Seay
Dr Eric Coulter
Larry Thor
Richard Kingman
Russ Bender
Sergeant Taylor
Lyn Osborn

Bert I Gordon