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Americano, The (1955)

Sam Dent (Glenn Ford) sets off on the long journey from Texas to Brazil with a cargo of prize Brahma bulls for a wealthy Brazilian rancher.

At Boa Vista, entrance to the treacherous Matto Grosso country, he learns that his client has been mysteriously murdered.

Veteran Hollywood star Ford gives a characteristically rugged performance in the title role.

Sam Dent
Glenn Ford
Bento Harmanny
Frank Lovejoy
Manuel Silvera/’El Gato’/Barbossa
Cesar Romero
Marianna Figuerido
Ursula Thiess
Abbe Lane
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.
Captain Gonzalez
Salvador Baguez
Jim Rogers
Tom Powers
Barney Dent
Dan White
Captain of Ship
Frank Marlowe
Tuba Masero
George Navarro
Tuba’s Sister
Nyra Monsour

William Castle