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An Inspector Calls (1954)

Set in the year 1912, an upper crust English family dinner is interrupted by a police inspector who brings news that a girl known to everyone present has died in suspicious circumstances.

It seems that any – or all – of them could have had a hand in her death. But who is this mysterious Inspector and what can he want of them?

Filmed at Shepperton Studios, the screenplay by Desmond Davies was adapted from the popular J B Priestley play of the same name, first performed in England in 1946 – one year after its Soviet production.

The film is shot in gorgeously, atmospheric black and white by Guy Hamilton, who would go on to direct a host of Bond pictures and stars the brilliant Alastair Sim.

The story itself is told with real charm and the unravelling of the mystery makes for highly intriguing viewing, with a touch of dark magic added to the proceedings.

Inspector Poole
Alastair Sim
Mrs Birling
Olga Lindo
Mr Birling
Arthur Young
Gerald Croft
Brian Worth
Eileen Moore
Bryan Forbes
Eva Smith
Jane Wenham
Fish & Chip Shop Owner
George Woodbridge
Committee Member
Barbara Everest
Police Officer
Charles Saynor
Miss Francis
Olwen Brookes
Shop Walker
John Welsh

Guy Hamilton