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Angry Red Planet, The (1959)

A Mars mission returns with crew members missing and comatose, and only Dr Iris Ryan (Nora Hayden) can be made conscious to tell the story.

Under the influence of drugs, “Irish” recalls their expedition and how, together with Colonel O’Bannion (Gerald Mohr), Professor Theodore Gettell (Les Tremayne) and Warrant Officer Sam Jacobs (Jack Kruschen) she explored the red planet, confronting several horrible lifeforms – man-eating plants, three-eyed Martians, Cyclopean blobs, and giant bat-rat-spider-crabs – before escaping.

The cartoon-like, expressionistic special effects are red-tinted thanks to the film process “Cinemagic” to approximate the distorted, dream-like quality of Nora Hayden’s drug-addled reminiscences.

Renowned science fiction director Ib Melchior gives a diverting spin to the familiar Saturday morning serial antics.

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Gerald Mohr
Iris Ryan
Nora Hayden
Professor Gettell
Les Tremayne
Sergeant Jacobs
Jack Kruschen
General Treegar
Paul Hahn
Professor Weiner
J Edward McKinley
Dr Gordon
Tom Daly
General Prescott
Edward Innes

Ib Melchior