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Annie Get Your Gun (1950)

Flashy film version of the Broadway hit musical about Annie Oakley, the celebrated female sharpshooter.

Oakley (Betty Hutton) joins the famous Wild West Show of Buffalo Bill (Louis Calhern) by besting top marksman Frank Butler (Howard Keel) in a shooting contest.

A sunburned hick from the sticks, she quickly rises to star status, creating a jealousy factor which complicates their romance.

Befriended by the show’s other topliner, the real Chief Sitting Bull (J. Carrol Naish), Annie makes a whirlwind European tour before returning to New York to face-off with Frank and the high-toned, white-gloved society gals he always said he preferred.

Hutton and Keel belt out the lively Irving Berlin music with gusto. Memorable songs include Anything You Can Do and Doin’ What Comes Naturally.

The direction is somewhat stilted, but the production is lavish.

Annie Oakley
Betty Hutton
Frank Butler
Howard Keel
Charlie Davenport
Keenan Wynn
Pawnee Bill
Edward Arnold
Buffalo Bill
Louis Calhern
Chief Sitting Bull
J. Carrol Naish
Dolly Tate
Benay Venuta
Foster Wilson
Clinton Sundberg
James Harrison
Little Jake
Bradley Mora
Diana Dick
Susan Odin
Eleanor Brown
Little Horse
Chief Yowlachie

George Sidney