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Around The World In 80 Days (1956)

A splendid, charming film version of Jules Verne’s magnificent travelogue with spectacular sketches from various parts of the world and scores of cameos from an all-star cast.

Niven plays Phileas Fogg – the British gentleman who, in 1872, makes a £20,000 bet with the fellow members of his gentleman’s club that he will circle the world in 80 days or less.

The club members think Fogg is a fool, but they have no qualms parting a fool from his money. Together with the reliable and multi-skilled Passepartout (Cantinflas), Fogg sets out on his journey.

The snags begin almost immediately, as Fogg misses a train and has to travel by balloon. The wild journey takes Fogg and Passepartout into a Spanish bullfight, through the jungles of India (where the two take on a third companion, the princess Aouda), to Hong Kong, San Francisco and the Wild West, with dangerous run-ins around every bend.

Throughout, the globetrotters are dogged by the mysterious Inspector Fix, who believes Fogg may have secured his £20,000 through less-than-legal means.

At every stop, viewers were treated not only to lush location scenery (shot in 70mm widescreen) but also to one double-take-inducing cameo after another. Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Peter Lorre, George Raft, Red Skelton and dozens more popped up in the least expected places, while Edward R. Murrow provided the opening narration.

Production ground to a halt several times as producer Mike Todd ran out of cash, but the result, shot on locations around the world and on a variety of Hollywood backlots, was spectacular.

Even at nearly three hours, both kids and adults sat spellbound as one exotic location after another filled the screen. The Academy was duly impressed as well, awarding the film five Oscars in 1956, including Best Picture.

Sadly, Robert Newton died a few days after filming ended.

Verne’s tale was later adapted into a single season Saturday morning cartoon and a handful of TV miniseries, but for most, the definitive version will always be this lavish star-studded epic.

Phileas Fogg
David Niven

Inspector Fix

Robert Newton
Princess Aouda

Shirley MacLaine
Roland Hesketh-Baggott

Noel Coward
Foster, Fogg’s Ex-Valet

John Gielgud
Bank of England Governor (Ralph)
Robert Morley 
Dennis Fallentin

Trevor Howard

Harcourt Williams
Monsieur Gasse

Charles Boyer
Ahmed Abdullah

Gilbert Roland
Sir Francis Cromarty

Cedric Hardwicke
Col. Stamp Proctor

John Carradine
Barbary Coast Saloon Owner
Marlene Dietrich
Barbary Coast Saloon Pianist
Frank Sinatra
Barbary Coast Saloon Bouncer
George Raft
Drunk in Barbary Coast Saloon
Red Skelton
Train Conductor
Buster Keaton
Japanese Steward
Peter Lorre
London Carriage Driver
John Mills
Ahmed Abdullah’s Henchman
Cesar Romero

Michael Anderson