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Atomic Submarine, The (1959)

In the distant future of 1968 (!) many ships and planes are crossing the North pole to transport passengers and cargo. But lately, several ships and submarines have vanished mysteriously near the Arctic Circle.

The nuclear-powered US submarine Tigershark is sent out to investigate.

Captain Wendover (Dick Foran) and his fearless crew find themselves besieged by electrical storms, an Unidentified Floating Saucer, and lots of hairy tentacles.

atomicsubmarine2 atomicsubmarine3

Commander Richard “Reef” Holloway
Arthur Franz
Captain Dan Wendover
Dick Foran
Dr Carl Neilsen
Brett Halsey
Lieutenant David Milburn
Paul Dubov
CPO “Griff” Griffin
Bob Steele
Dr Clifford Kent
Victor Varconi
Joi Lansing
Admiral Terhune
Selmer Jackson

Spencer G. Bennet