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Attack Of The 50Ft Woman (1958)

Though it’s no more than a barely competent example of low-budget 1950s sci-fi, this poverty row cheapie directed by Nathan Hertz (more usually known as Nathan Juran) has come to be regarded as a legendary absurd classic.


There’s a strangely contemporary feminist slant to the tale, with abused wealthy heiress Nancy Archer (Allison Hayes) teaching her cheating husband (William Hudson) a major lesson after a bald alien turns her into a giantess, clothed in a bedsheet bikini.

Prior to her metamorphosis, Nancy’s abusive marriage causes her to resort to alcoholism, and while the townspeople that surround her see all that’s going on, they dismiss her suffering because to them she’s just another woman with female hysteria.

However, with the effects at their least special, Hayes’s accelerating voluptuousness also exerts a curious fascination, proving once and for all that size isn’t everything.

Daryl Hannah starred in a 1993 remake.

Nancy Archer
Allison Hayes
Harry Archer
William Hudson
Dr Cushing
Roy Gordon
Honey Parker
Yvette Vickers
Jessup Stout
Ken Terrell
Sheriff Dubbitt
George Douglas
Dr von Loeb
Otto Waldis
Frank Chase

Nathan Juran