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Attack Of The Puppet People (1958)

Doll manufacturer Mr Franz (John Hoyt) of Dolls, Inc. gets lonely and starts reducing people to marionette size so they’ll be his obedient “friends” in this routine riff on The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) from veteran copycat exploitation director Bert I Gordon.

The little people are kept in glass tubes and taken out for parties and dancing on the table.

Bob Westley (John Agar) is the rebel rocker who leads five other miniature companions on a mission to return to normal dimensions.

Featuring reasonable special effects and a nice tongue-in-cheek flavour, Agar and June Kenney border on the annoying as plucky puppet folk while Hoyt does a side-splitting turn as the kindly maniac.


Bob Westley
John Agar
Mr Franz
John Hoyt
Sally Reynolds
June Kenney
Michael Mark
Ken Miller

Bert I Gordon