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Bachelor of Hearts (1958)

Young German exchange student Wolf Hauser (Hardy Kruger) comes to university at Cambridge to study maths and has trouble dealing with amusing stereotypes of the English and university life.

Wolf’s introduction to British student life is quite the crash-course. He soon finds himself embroiled with fellow student Hugo (Ronald Lewis) and his antics as the new head of the exclusive society, the Dodo Club.

Through a series of tasks, the club wind up in a number of tricky situations, and Hugo, in particular, finds himself reliant on Wolf’s help on more than one occasion.

Meanwhile, the eager student of British culture tries his hand at every sport and hobby going – with mixed results.

Sylvia Syms is positively radiant as Ann Wainwright  – the proverbial English Rose.

Glorious views of Cambridge and one or two well-orchestrated set-pieces (the raid on all-female college Girton is notable) make this effortless viewing.

Wolf Hauser
Hardy Krüger
Ann Wainwright
Sylvia Syms
Hugo Foster
Ronald Lewis
Aubrey Murdock
Eric Barker
Dr Butson
Miles Malleson
Newton Blick
Adrian Baskerville
Jeremy Burnham
Peter Myers
Conrad Lewis
Philip Gilbert
Tom Clark
Charles Kay
John Richardson
Gillian Vaughan
Sandra Francis
Barbara Steele
Catherine Feller
Monica Stevenson
Pamela Barreaux
Mrs Upcott
Beatrice Varley
Hugh Morton
Lady Don
Everley Gregg

Wolf Rilla