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Battle in Outer Space (1959)

In 1965 bizarre phenomena cause disasters all over the world. The United Nations traces the destructive acts to alien forces called Natalians.

At the Japanese space centre, a new weapon is being tested as twin SPIP moon ships are launched to investigate a suspected enemy base on the Moon.

The expedition barely escapes from flying saucers launched from Natal’s Mother Ship and a member of the expedition is brainwashed by the aliens and telepathically commanded to sabotage the SPIPs.

The nations of Earth join in a rush project to provide a massive defence force against the invaders and squadrons of rocket fighters spring forth from underground silos to engage Natal’s armada in orbit.

The Mother Ship launches giant space torpedoes that devastate San Francisco and New York, and when the saucers and rockets do battle in the skies over downtown Tokyo, the Mother Ship unleashes Natal’s ultimate weapon, an anti-gravity ray.


Major Ichiro Katsumiya
Ryô Ikebe
Etsuko Shiraishi
Kyôko Anzai
The Commander
Minoru Takada
Professor Adachi
Koreya Senda
Dr Roger Richardson
Len Stanford
Dr Immerman
Harold Conway
Elise Richter
Hisaya Itô
Yoshio Tsuchiya
Gravity Man
Nadao Kirino
Inspector Iriake
Fuyuki Murakami
Lantern Man
Ikio Sawamura
Jirô Kumagai
Katsumi Tezuka

Ishirô Honda