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Bell, Book and Candle (1958)

Based on John Van Druten’s hit play, this adroit romantic comedy stars Kim Novak as Gil Holroyd – a witch living in modern Manhattan.

She wants to fall in love but fights the impulse as it would mean the loss of her powers.

Enter Jimmy Stewart as handsome publisher Shep Henderson.

Lovingly directed by Richard Quine, scripted by Daniel Taradash and beautifully filmed in New York by James Wong Howe, the film treats the world of magic with a straight face, making it all the more believable.

The splendid cast also includes Jack Lemmon as Novak’s mischievous brother, Nicky (who moonlights as a bongo player in a beatnik nightclub), Elsa Lanchester as their batty old aunt Queenie, and Ernie Kovacs as Sidney Redlitch – a self-obsessed author who thinks he’s onto something, as well as Hermione Gingold, Janice Rule, the Candoli Brothers, and Pyewacket (Kim’s cat).

This was the Jimmy Stewart’s last film as a romantic leading man.

Shepherd ‘Shep’ Henderson
James Stewart
Gillian ‘Gil’ Holroyd
Kim Novak
Nicky Holroyd
Jack Lemmon
Sidney Redlitch
Ernie Kovacs
Bianca de Passe
Hermione Gingold
Aunt Queenie Holroyd
Elsa Lanchester
Merle Kittridge
Janice Rule
Bek Nelson

Richard Quine