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Blonde Bait (1956)

US State Department agent Kent Foster (Richard Travis) is on the trail of murderous traitor Nick Randall (Jim Davis) – who has been living in England since the war ended – and hopes to trap him via singer-cum-stripper Angela Booth (Beverly Michaels in her final movie).

Angela has promised to marry Randall on New Year’s Eve but she ends up serving six months in a British women’s prison after a quarrel with her agent Julian Lord (Ralph Michael) in which she defended herself with a broken mirror.

Foster arranges with Scotland Yard for her to escape with the aid of “Granny” Ramsey (Thora Hird, who steals every scene she’s in) hoping that she will lead him to Randall.

The plan goes wrong when another prisoner, Marguerite (April Olrich) joins the escape with her six-month-old baby and Angela slips away.

There are good guest spots from Gordon Jackson and Hermione Baddeley.

This low key Anglo/American drama/thriller was made by Hammer Films and filmed at Bray Studios. Blonde Bait is the original title, but the film was also released in some markets as Women Without Men.

Angela Booth
Beverly Michaels
Nick Randall
Jim Davis
Cleo Thompson
Joan Rice
Kent Foster
Richard Travis
Inspector D.N. Hedges
Paul Cavanagh
‘Granny’ Ramsey
Thora Hird
Avril Angers
Gordon Jackson
Prison Governess
Valerie White
Marguerite Chavez
April Olrich
Julian Lord
Ralph Michael
Bart – US State Dept Security Chief
Harry Lauter
Hermione Baddeley

Elmo Williams