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Blood of Dracula (1957)

The ever-popular tale was given a new twist in Blood Of Dracula by being set in a girls’ school.

Nancy (Sandra Harrison), an aggressive pupil at an all-girls school is hypnotised by her sinister chemistry teacher into becoming a vampire.

During the night, she morphs into a fanged beast and systematically kills off the girls in the school.

More murders are committed during a midnight scavenger hunt, and with the police hot on her tail, Nancy takes the vengeful rage out on her chemistry teacher.

Nancy Perkins
Sandra Harrison
Miss Branding
Louise Lewis
Gail Ganley
Jerry Blaine
Heather Ames
Lieutenant Dunlap
Malcolm Atterbury
Mrs Thorndyke
Mary Adams
Mr Perkins
Thomas B. Henry
Don Devlin
Police Inspector
Richard Devon

Herbert L. Strock