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Blue Parrot, The (1953)

Henry Carson (John Le Mesurier) owns a seedy Soho night club called The Blue Parrot which becomes the centre of a police investigation following the murder of a small-time gangster.

The investigation is led by Superintendent Chester (Ballard Berkeley) who sends in Sergeant Maureen Maguire (Jacqueline Hill) to work undercover.

Irish actor Dermot Walsh plays a very unconvincing American detective called Bob Herrick, who for reasons unknown is assisting Scotland Yard with their investigation.

It’s a stilted, by-the-numbers effort but it passes an hour and nine minutes pleasantly enough.

Lt. Bob Herrick
Dermot Walsh
Sgt. Maureen Maguire
Jacqueline Hill
Supt. Chester
Ballard Berkeley
Sgt. Quinney
Richard Pearson
June Ashley
Ferdy Mayne
Henry Carson
John Le Mesurier
Mrs Eva West
Valerie White
‘Rocks’ Owen
Victor Lucas
Guido ‘Taps’ Campelli
Edwin Richfield
Diane Watts
Arthur Rigby

John Harlow