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Bonzo Goes To College (1952)

This sequel to Bedtime For Bonzo (1951) sees the educated chimp escape from a travelling carnival and move in with Betsy Drew (Gigi Perreau), the granddaughter of college football coach Ted ‘Pop’ Drew (Edmund Gwenn), and family.

Gigi’s parents (Maureen O’Sullivan and Charles Drake) are convinced to “adopt” Bonzo which creates all sorts of confusion with O’Sullivan’s wealthy dad (Gene Lockhart). The family maid, Nancy (Irene Ryan) dotes on the chimp, preparing him banana fritters for breakfast.

Coach Drew subsequently turns Bonzo into a college football star which, in turn, brings some bad guys to town with a plan to kidnap the football-playing chimp.

No future US presidents appear in this film.

Marion Gateson Drew
Maureen O’Sullivan
Ted ‘Pop’ Drew
Edmund Gwenn
Malcolm Drew
Charles Drake
Betsy Drew
Gigi Perreau
Clarence B. Gateson
Gene Lockhart
Irene Ryan
Wilbur Crane
John Miljan
Frank Nelson
Lefty Edwards
Jerry Paris
Ronald Calkins
Guy Williams
Judge George Simpkins
Richard Garrick
Tom Harmon

Frederick de Cordova