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Born Reckless (1958)

Rider Kelly Cobb (Jeff Richards) travels to county rodeos to win money so he can buy a patch of land to set up home.

At one such rodeo, he rescues trick rider Jackie Adams (Mamie Van Doren) from the clutches of an amorous sports writer after she sings her saloon song, and they travel together.

Jackie begins to fall in love with Kelly, but he doesn’t seem to notice as he continues to risk life and limb for his dream, occasionally being tempted by floozies.

Jackie hopes to convince a man that was born reckless to change his roaming ways.


Jackie Adams
Mamie Van Doren
Kelly Cobb
Jeff Richards
Cool Man
Arthur Hunnicutt
Carol Ohmart
Tommy Duggan
Tex Williams
Don Barry
Papa Gomez
Nacho Galindo
Orlando Rodriguez

Howard W Koch