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Brothers Rico, The (1957)

Eddie Rico (Richard Conte) has been the book-keeper of an important Mafia boss but now he is an honest merchant and lives with his family in Florida.

Everything changes when the police start searching for his brothers. Now Eddie finds himself forced to get in touch with the Mafia again.


Eddie Rico
Richard Conte
Alice Rico
Dianne Foster
Norah Malaks Rico
Kathryn Grant
Sid Kubik
Larry Gates
Johnny Rico
James Darren
Mike Lamotta
Harry Bellaver
Mrs Rico
Argentina Brunetti
Peter Malaks
Lamont Johnson
Gino Rico
Paul Picerni
Paul Dubov
Charlie Gonzales
Rudy Bond
Vic Tucci
Richard Bakalyan
Joe Wesson
William Phipps

Phil Karlson