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Case For PC 49, A (1951)

This 1951 British mystery film was made by Hammer Films at Bray Studios.

Constable Archibald Berkeley-Willoughby (Brian Reece) – the “PC 49” of the title – sets about solving the murder of a millionaire and a robbery, assisted by his fiancée, Joan (Joy Shelton).

Although PC 49 is a kind-hearted lummox, he is clearly incompetent to be more than a beat bobby. Fortunately, Joan makes a pretty good detective.

The plot incorporates jewel thieves, a con man, an ex-convict, a rather shifty model (Christine Norden) and some petty thieves.

The film was based on a popular BBC radio series, which had already been adapted into the 1949 movie The Adventures of PC 49. Brian Reece and Joy Shelton re-created their roles from the radio series on which the film was based. Neither had been in the 1949 film.

The character of PC 49 continued in books and in the Eagle comic until 1957 when he finally hung up his helmet.

Archibald Berkeley-Willoughby (PC 49)
Brian Reece
Joan Carr
Joy Shelton
Della Dainton
Christine Norden
Victor Palantine
Leslie Bradley
Inspector Wilson
George McLeod
Sgt. Wright
Campbell Singer
Jack Stewart
Chubby Price
Michael Balfour
George Steele
Michael Ripper
Joan Seton
Mrs Bott
Edna Morris
Desk Sergeant
John Sharp
Police Sergeant
Frank Hawkins
John Barry
Coffee Dan
John Warren

Francis Searle