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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1958)

Director Richard Brooks also wrote the screenplay for this film version of Tennessee Williams’ powerful play about a patriarchal Southern family.

The film is somewhat stage-bound, but is entertaining on many levels and Elizabeth Taylor is excellent as Maggie the Cat – the wife of a frustrated young man called Brick (Paul Newman) who is under the control of his dying money-loving father.

Burl Ives is convincing as “Big Daddy, ” the overwhelming plantation owner, and the rest of the cast turns in credible performances.

The movie loses some of the play’s impact by minimising Brick’s latent homosexuality.

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Maggie Pollitt
Elizabeth Taylor
Brick Pollitt
Paul Newman
Big Daddy Pollitt
Burl Ives
Gooper Pollitt
Jack Carson
Big Mama Pollitt
Judith Anderson
Mae Pollitt
Madeleine Sherwood
Dr Baugh
Larry Gates
Deacon Davis
Vaughn Taylor
Dixie Pollitt
Patty Ann Gerrity
Boy Pollitt
Brian Corcoran
Rusty Stevens
Hugh Corcoran
Deborah Miller
Vince Townsend Jr
Zelda Cleaver
Bobby Johnson

Richard Brooks