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Child In The House (1956)

With her mother in the hospital and her father (Stanley Baker) on the run, 11-year-old Elizabeth (Mandy Miller) is sent to live with her sniffy aunt (Phyllis Calvert) and rigid uncle (Eric Portman).

Her new home is cold and unloving, but the girl finds solace with the kind housekeeper, and her presence has an unexpected effect on all concerned.

A modest British-made drama, co-directed by Cy Endfield (Zulu) and jam-packed with such stalwarts of the acting profession as Dora Bryan, Joan Hickson and Alfie Bass.


Evelyn Acheson
Phyllis Calvert
Henry Acheson
Eric Portman
Stephen Lorimer
Stanley Baker
Elizabeth Lorimer
Mandy Miller
Dora Bryan
Joan Hickson
Victor Maddern
Detective Sergeant Taylor
Percy Herbert
Vera McNally
Joan Benham
Peter McNally
Christopher Toyne
Professor Topolski
Martin Miller
Ticket collector
Alfie Bass

Cy Endfield
Charles de Lautour