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Child’s Play (1954)

A group of kids, led by brainbox Horatio Flynn (Christopher Beeny – later of Upstairs Downstairs fame – in an early role) in a small English village invent atomic popcorn, which they call “Bang Corn”.

With the help of local shopkeeper Miss Goslett (Mona Washbourne), they market it with great success.

In the meantime, scientists at the local Atomic Research establishment are perturbed that the children have beaten them to a significant breakthrough. The authorities are called in, but eventually, the process fails when the magic ingredient – a piece of volcanic rock from Krakatoa – runs out

Child’s Play is a nostalgic trip to childhood in 1950s Britain, with long, hot summers and cricket on the village green.

Horatio Flynn
Christopher Beeny
Mary Huxley
Wendy Westcott
Tom Chizzler
Ian Smith
Alice Nightingale
Anneke Wills
Ernest Rutherford Chappel
Ernest Scott
Han “Einstein” Blotz
Patrick Wells
Linda Chappel
Elain Sykes
Miss Emily Goslett
Mona Washbourne
PC Parker
Peter Martyn
Margery Chappel
Dorothy Alison
Lea Blotz
Ingeborg Wells
Carl Blotz
Carl Jaffe
Dr Nightingale
Ballard Berkeley
Mrs Chizzler
Joan Young
Police Superintendent
Robert Raglan
Mrs Briggs
Mae Bacon
Mrs Cannon
Molly Raynor
Barbara Hicks
Bob Crouch
Jack May
Sergeant Butler
John Sharp
Peter Sallis
Prof. Chappel
Robert Lankesheer
Director of Atomic Research
Wyndham Goldie

Margaret Thomson