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Cool and The Crazy, The (1958)

Just out of reform school, Bennie Saul (Scott Marlowe) starts turning on his classmates at high school. Eddie the Pusher gives Bennie the weed, and when they all “come back for more” they find it costs money.

The hard-hitting truth continues as a kid is killed attempting to hold up a gas station for reefer money, with Bennie finally killing Eddie for more dope only to get his just desserts in a flaming car crash.

The Cool and the Crazy was filmed on location in Kansas City, where actors Richard Bakalyan and Dick Jones were actually busted when their ducktail haircuts and delinquent appearance attracted the attention of the local police.

The Hollywood Reporter said at the time: “A few weeks ago a Brooklyn school principal committed suicide because he could not suppress the rape and hoodlumism in his institution. The Cool and the Crazy is a badly written, sloppily edited, poorly directed, low budget film that may well inspire more such tragedies.”

It’s a classic. Don’t miss it.

Bennie Saul
Scott Marlowe
Jackie Barzan
Richard Bakalyan
Gigi Perreau
Stu Summerville
Dick Jones
Eddie the Pusher
Marvyn J. Rosen
Det. Lt. Sloan
Shelby Storck
Miss Ryan
Caroline von Mayrhauser
Ken Plumb
Charles ‘Cookie’ Tyler
Robert Hadden
Desk Sgt. Harry
Joe Adelman
Det. Sgt. Myers
James Newman
Amy’s mother
Jackie Storck
Amy’s father
Leonard Belove

William Witney