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Curse of Frankenstein, The (1957)

This was the classic that single-handedly revived traditional British Gothic and firmly placed the Hammer House of Horror on the global gore map.

Peter Cushing is the demented Baron Frankenstein who yearns to resurrect the dead, while Christopher Lee plays the hideous creature who proves his mad theories correct.

With its gruesome atmosphere, unflinching direction and outstanding design, this phenomenally successful film was the first colour version of Mary Shelley’s gallows fairy tale, setting a standard Hammer found it hard to live up to.

A direct sequel – The Revenge of Frankenstein – was released in 1958, starring Cushing and with Terence Fisher directing again.

Baron Victor Frankenstein
Peter Cushing
The Creature
Christopher Lee
Hazel Court
Paul Krempe
Robert Urquhart
Valerie Gaunt
Aunt Sophia
Noel Hood
Majorie Hume
Young Victor
Melvyn Hayes
Young Elizabeth
Sally Walsh

Terence Fisher