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Delicate Delinquent, The (1957)

After 16 films with actor/singer Dean Martin, comedian Joseph Levitch, alias Jerry Lewis (then aged 30), thankfully decided to go it alone.

New York policeman Mike Damon (Darren McGavin) tries to befriend eccentric youth Sidney L Pythias (Lewis) who’s in the company of thugs. Much impressed, Sidney trains as a cop himself but has a hard time proving himself as a rookie.


Lewis is unusually restrained, the story logical and the laughs quite frequent. Don McGuire’s direction is generally effective, making it one of the better films by Lewis, whose indulgence has wrecked many a movie.

After Hollywood or Bust (1956), this was to have been the next vehicle for Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin but Dino did not want to be seen on screen in a police uniform and refused to do the film. So this film became Lewis’ first solo effort.

Sidney L Pythias
Jerry Lewis
Mike Damon
Darren McGavin
Martha Henshaw
Martha Hyer
Robert Ivers
Police Captain Riley
Horace McMahon
Richard Bakalyan
Joe Corey
Mary Webster
Mr Herman
Milton Frome
Mr Crow
Jefferson Searles

Don McGuire