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Devil Girl from Mars (1954)

A spaceship lands in Scotland. The ship contains a leather-clad Martian woman – armed with a ray gun and accompanied by a menacing robot – who has been sent to Earth to collect some men to supplement the Martian race as breeding stock.

Curiously, this rare UK contribution to the 1950s sci-fi boom enjoys cult status in the US. Presumably, this owes much to the sight of leather-clad Martian Nyah (Patricia Laffan), as she patrols the Scottish Highlands with her robot, Chani, in search of men to repopulate her ailing planet.

It certainly can’t be down to the dialogue or the hammed-up performances of journalist Hugh McDermott, model Hazel Court or escaped criminal Peter Reynolds, who, ultimately, redeems himself by sabotaging Nyah’s ship.

Apparently, Patricia Laffan was not allowed to eat or drink during the filming because of the difficulties of getting out of her PVC Costume.

Patricia Laffan
Michael Carter

Hugh McDermott
Ellen Prestwick
Hazel Court
Robert Justin (‘Albert Simpson’)
Peter Reynolds
Adrienne Corri
Professor Arnold Hennessey
Joseph Tomelty
Mrs Jamieson
Sophie Stewart
Jamie Jamieson
John Laurie
Anthony Richmond
James Edmond

David Macdonald