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Dragstrip Girl (1957)

Louise Blake (Fay Spain) loves hot cars but her parents don’t.

She likes wealthy, existential hot-rodder Fred Armstrong (John Ashley) but her parents don’t.

After a lot of bitchin’ footage of illegal street drags – and even a few legal ones on dragstrips – Louise renounces her evil ways for poor but honest Jim Donaldson (Steve Terrell), who her parents don’t like much either.

A typical AMI flick with the old gang mugging their way through yet another outrageous script. But it may well be Fay Spain’s finest performance.

Louise Blake
Fay Spain
Jim Donaldson
Steve Terrell
Fred Armstrong
John Ashley
Tommy Burns
Frank Gorshin
Lt. Bradley
Russ Bender
Rick Camden
Tommy Ivo
Grazia Narciso
Tito Vuolo
Anna Blake
Dorothy Bruce
Sam Blake
Don Shelton
Carla Merey
Ben Smith
Leon Tyler
Motorcycle Cop
George Dockstader

Edward L. Cahn