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Eight O’Clock Walk (1954)

As an April Fool prank, taxi driver Tom Banning (Richard Attenborough) is led to an abandoned bomb-site by an eight-year-old girl. The youngster is later found murdered and Manning is picked up by Scotland Yard for questioning.

Convinced that they have found their killer, Tom is formally arrested and charged with murder.

His wife (Cathy O’Donnell) is convinced of his innocence, as some of the evidence could be construed as circumstantial but will this be enough when the trial is scheduled for London’s Old Bailey – or will an innocent man end up taking the “eight o’clock walk” (to the hangman) of the title?

The film was a collaboration of George King Productions and British Aviation Pictures Limited for The British Lion Film Corporation. Solid British film making at its best from both the cast and crew.

Tom Manning
Richard Attenborough
Jill Manning
Cathy O’Donnell
Peter Tanner
Derek Farr
Geoffrey Tanner QC
Ian Hunter
Horace Clifford
Maurice Denham
Bruce Seton
Mr Justice Harrington
Harry Welchman
Mr Munro
Kynaston Reeves
Mrs Zunz
Lily Kann
Mrs Evans
Eithne Dunne
Irene Evans
Cheryl Molineaux
Miss Ribden-White
Totti Truman Taylor
Mr Pettigrew
Robert Adair
Mrs Higgs
Grace Arnold
Ernie Higgs
David Hannaford

Lance Comfort