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Fiend Without a Face (1958)

A scientist’s thoughts materialise as an army of invisible brain-shaped monsters (complete with spinal-cord tails) who terrorise an American military base in Canada following atomic experiments in this nightmarish chiller, directed by Arthur Crabtree.

This outstanding Quatermass-style sci-fi/horror hybrid is a special effects bonanza and a high-water mark in British genre filmmaking, despite the pseudo-American trappings and fading Hollywood actor Marshall Thompson taking centre stage.

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fiendwithoutaface0Major Jeff Cummings
Marshall Thompson
Captain Chester
Terence Kilburn
Professor Walgate
Kynaston Reeves
Colonel Butler
Stanley Maxted
Sergeant Kasper
Michael Balfour
Barbara Griselle
Kim Parker
Dr Warren
Gil Winfield
Mayor Hawkins
James Dyrenforth
Constable Gibbons
Robert MacKenzie
Dr Bradley
Peter Madden

Arthur Crabtree