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Flesh and the Spur (1956)

A member of the notorious Checker gang, whose face is never shown, breaks out of prison and kills a farmer (John Agar), stealing his long barreled revolver.


The farmer’s identical twin brother (also Agar) seeks revenge, and the only clue he has is the revolver, part of a matched pair made for the sons by their father.

He meets up with Wild Willow (Marla English) – a Native American damsel in distress whom he saves, Stacy Doggett (Mike Connors, then going by the name “Touch”) an ex-member of the Checker gang, and old Wild West Show sharpshooter Windy Wagonwheels (Raymond Hatton).

Together they whittle down the gang which is led by the man with the stolen revolver.

There isn’t a lot of mystery, and it’s pretty clear who everyone is from the start, but the action and scenery are good and the characters are worth following.


Luke Random/Matt Random
John Agar
Wild Willow
Marla English
Stacy Doggett
Mike (“Touch”) Connors
Windy Wagonwheels
Raymond Hatton
Maria Monay
Joyce Meadows
Kale Tanner
Kenne Duncan
Indian Chief
Frank Lackteen
Mel Gaines
Deputy Marshal
Michael Harris
Eddie Kafafian

Edward L Cahn