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Follow A Star (1959)

Norman Truscott (Wisdom) is a meek and kindly trouser-presser at a cleaning shop with a nice voice who is duped into doing the crooning for has-been singer Vernon Carew (Jerry Desmonde) to lip-sync to.

But Norman wants to get a shot at being on stage himself and finds help from fearsome elocution teacher Dymphna Dobson (Hattie Jacques) and his wheelchair-bound friend, Judy (June Laverick).

When Norman is receiving tuition from Miss Dobson (Hattie Jacques) and Judy is giving a piano lesson to a young boy, the boy is Norman Wisdom’s real-life son Nick Wisdom.

She also gives a lesson to another child later in the film. This child is also Norman’s – his daughter, Jacqui Wisdom.

Norman Truscott
Norman Wisdom
June Laverick
Vernon Carew
Jerry Desmonde
Dymphna Dobson
Hattie Jacques
Dr Chatterway
Richard Wattis
Harold Franklin
Eddie Leslie
John Le Mesurier
Sydney Tafler
Lady Finchington
Fenella Fielding
The General
Charles Heslop

Robert Asher