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Forty Guns (1957)

When it came to playing tough, cynical dames, few actresses could equal Barbara Stanwyck, who hit her peak as Arizona ranch owner Jessica Drummond in this delirious Western from director Sam Fuller.

The set up is nothing new; Cattle-queen Jessica has the sheriff in her pocket, and her small ‘army’ of 40 gunfighters terrorise the townsfolk until a visiting marshal (Barry Sullivan) restores order.

Jessica becomes smitten with the new lawman, all the while he has eyes for attractive young female gunsmith, Louvenia Spanger (Eve Brent).

Stanwyck insisted on doing her own stunts, including being dragged along the ground for a hundred yards behind a horse.

Jessica Drummond
Barbara Stanwyck
Griff Bonell
Barry Sullivan
Sheriff Ned Logan
Dean Jagger
Brockie Drummond
John Ericson
Wes Bonell
Gene Barry
Chico Bonell
Robert Dix
Louvenia Spanger
Eve Brent
Barney Cashman
Jidge Carroll
Judge Macy
Paul Dubov
Shotgun Spanger
Gerald Milton
Ziva Rodann
Marshal John Chisum
Hank Worden
Neyle Morrow
Howard Swain
Chuck Roberson
Charlie Savage
Chuck Hayward
Chico’s Girlfriend
Sandy Wirth

Sam Fuller