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French Line, The (1954)

A beautiful Texan heiress travels incognito aboard a luxury cruise liner, hoping to find a man who’ll love her for herself rather than her money.

Notorious at the time for Jane Russell’s censor-provoking costume – the one with the crafty gaps in it – and originally shot in 3-D to best show off Russell’s assets, this was, alas, eventually released flat, which is how this would-be musical comedy well and truly falls.

The songs are lacklustre, the supporting cast is second rate and Russell, sadly, is past her prime, though she tries hard enough for her patron, Howard Hughes.

Seen today, the film does contain a quaint period charm and watch closely for Marilyn (soon to become Kim) Novak’s siren debut as a fashion model.

The Technicolor’s nice, too.

Mary Carson
Jane Russell
Pierre DuQueene
Gilbert Roland
“Waco” Mosby
Arthur Hunnicutt
Annie Farrell
Mary McCarty
Myrtle Brown
Joyce MacKenzie
Rita Corday

Lloyd Bacon