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Geordie (1955)

Geordie spends his Highland childhood regretting he is so small – but after secretly taking a body-building correspondence course, his prowess as an athlete becomes astonishing.

When he displays a talent for hammer-throwing, he is selected to represent Great Britain in the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia.


This wonderful low-key comedy was released in some markets as Wee Geordie.

The Laird
Alastair Sim
Geordie MacTaggart
Bill Travers
Jean Donaldson
Norah Gorsen
Geordie’s Mother
Molly Urquhart
Henry Samson
Francis De Wolff
Geordie’s Father
Jameson Clark
Reverend McNab
Jack Radcliffe
Harley (Olympic selector)
Brian Reece
Rawlins (Olympic selector)
Raymond Huntley
Doris Goddard
Lord Paunceton
Miles Malleson
Stanley Baxter
Duncan Macrae
Young Geordie
Paul Young
Young Jean
Anna Ferguson
Laird’s housekeeper
Margaret Boyd
Alex Mackenzie

Frank Launder