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Girl Most Likely, The (1958)

The Girl Most Likely is a musical comedy about a girl named Dodie (Jane Powell) who receives – and accepts – three proposals of marriage.

One is from her up-and-coming real estate salesman boyfriend, Buzz (Tommy Noonan), one is from Pete (Cliff Robertson) who she thinks is rich but turns out to be a happy-go-lucky boat mechanic, and one is from Neil Patterson (Keith Andes) who is rich and whisks her down to Mexico on his yacht.

Now Dodie must choose. Cue music and laughs. Dodie’s best friend Marge (Kaye Ballard) livens things up.

This was Jane Powell’s last musical and the last movie RKO made at their Hollywood studio at 780 Gower Street. The movie was largely filmed at the Californian seaside resort of Balboa.

Jane Powell
Tommy Noonan
Cliff Robertson
Neil Patterson Jnr
Keith Andes
Kaye Ballard
Sam Kelsey
Kelly Brown
Judy Nugent
Una Merkel
Frank Cady

Mitchell Leisen