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Glen or Glenda (1953)

Psychiatrist Dr. Alton narrates two stories: one of a transvestite (Glen) who secretly dresses as a woman (Glenda) but is afraid to tell his fiancée, Barbara; the other of a pseudo-hermaphrodite (Alan) who fights in World War II wearing women’s underwear and eventually undergoes a painful operation to become a woman (Anne).

There is a second narrator, called the Scientist (Bela Lugosi), whose commentary on the action contains more philosophical pronouncements than facts.

glenorglenda_001Meanwhile, Inspector Warren is investigating the suicide of a transvestite, which leads him to learn more about men in women’s clothes, such as Johnny, whose wife left him when she discovered what he wears when she’s away.

The second part of the film (Alan or Anne) is much shorter, told largely through stock footage, and was made to meet the distributor’s demand for a sex change film.

Alternate titles included I Changed My Sex, He or She, and I Led Two Lives.

Bela Lugosi
Inspector Warren
Lyle Talbot
Dr Alton/Narrator
Timothy Farrell
Dolores Fuller
‘Tommy’ Haynes
Edward D. Wood Jr.
Charles Crafts

Edward D. Wood Jr.