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And God Created Woman (1956)

Roger Vadim created a scandal with his first film, And God Created Woman, which starred his young wife Brigitte Bardot.

The ruckus was caused by the eroticism and nudity in the love scenes and the amoral nature of the sexy 18-year-old heroine.

But Vadim complained that he could not go as far as he wished because the censors forced him to cut many sequences.


In reply to those who criticised him for exhibiting his wife in such a manner, Vadim said, “Brigitte loves the nude scenes because she hates hypocrisy. She is a girl of her own time, liberated from all feelings of guilt and free from all taboos imposed by society”.

The critic François Truffaut defended the film in an article published in Arts magazine, titled “BB is the victim of an intrigue”.

Apart from the kittenish charms of Bardot, the film revealed the delights of St Tropez in colour and CinemaScope.

Brigitte Bardot
Jean-Louis Trintignant
Curd Jürgens
Madame Morin
Jeanne Marken
Madame Vigier-Lefranc
Jean Tissier
Isabelle Cory
Madame Tardieu
Mary Glory
Georges Poujouly
Christian Marquand

Roger Vadim