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Golden Disc, The (1958)

Young pop composer Harry Blair (Canadian Lee Patterson) and singer Joan Farmer (Mary Steele, who was married to director Don Sharp) open a coffee bar, bankrolled by their trendy Aunt Sarah (Linda Gray).

They are joined by budding singer Terry Dene as himself. Dene sings at the cafe and – unable to get a record deal – the trio starts their own “Lucky Charm” record label.

The Golden Disc features many musical acts – covering everything from folk to skiffle and jazz, with some ballads and rock and roll thrown in – and DJ David Jacobs as himself.

The film was shot at Walton Studios and released in the US as The Inbetween Age.

Harry Blair
Lee Patterson
Joan Farmer
Mary Steele
Terry Dene
Aunt Sarah
Linda Gray
Mr Dryden
Ronald Adam
Mr Washington
Peter Dyneley
David Jacobs
Recording Engineer
David Williams
Morose Man
Richard Turner
Dryden’s Secretary
Marianne Stone
Mrs Simpson
Olive Milbourne
1st Recording Manager
Redmond Phillips
2nd Recording Manager
Raymond Hodge
Stage Manager
Stanley Platts
Phil Seamon and His Jazz Group
Sonny Stewart and His Skiffle Kings
Terry Kennedy and His Group

Don Sharp