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All That Heaven Allows (1956)

Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson star in this predictable soap opera about pleasant and wealthy middle-class widow, Cary Scott (Wyman) who marries her gardener, Ron Kirby (Hudson) – But he is 15 years younger than her and she is ostracised by her friends and faces the wrath of her children.

Although the film reunites the stars of Magnificent Obsession (1954) and has a similar style, it doesn’t work as well as the earlier film.

The picture does, however, look good enough to eat, with wonderful colour, composition, lighting, costumes and art direction.

Director Douglas Sirk deftly critiques the moral values (and hypocrisy) of 1950s America while simultaneously crafting a genuinely touching romance, making this one to melt even the hardest of hearts.

Cary Scott
Jane Wyman
Ron Kirby
Rock Hudson
Sara Warren
Agnes Moorehead
Conrad Nagel
Alida Anderson
Virginia Grey
Kay Scott
Gloria Talbott
Ned Scott
William Reynolds
Mona Flash
Jacqueline de Wit
Mick Anderson
Charles Drake
Leigh Snowden
Howard Hoffer
Donald Curtis
George Warren
Alex Gerry

Douglas Sirk